01 January 2011

December 2010 Books

The High King's Tomb: Book 3     643
Kristen Britain                           

The First Christmas     258
Marcus Borg
John Dominic Crossan 

The Lost Hero:  Book 1     557
Rick Riordan

Reckless     394
Cornelia Funke

The Ring of Solomon     398
Jonathan Stroud

The Looking Glass Wars     358
Seeing Redd     371
Arch Enemy     370
Frank Beddor

Total for December: 3349
Total for 2010:  47,788
Total for 2009-2010: 88,689

Disappointing December for me, but I have to admit to being in an emotional funk this month and that never helps my reading.  Also, my determination to read at least one nonfiction book a month has pulled back on the amount I am able to read.  As always if you have any questions about anything I read, just send me a note.  Happy Reading.

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