01 October 2012

September Reads

September 2012

***Note: An * appears before a series if the series is expected to continue and those books have yet to be released. Page numbers are only ascribed to physical books. No page numbers means the book was an EBook. All my Ebooks are purchased from Amazon.

Fall of Angels Series               By: Keary Taylor
          1: Branded
          2: Forsaken
          3: Vindicated
     Companion: Afterlife

*Fallen Angles Series              By: Katherine  Pine
          1: After Eden
          2: Beloved Purgatory

Guardian Trilogy                  By: Laury Falter
          1: Fallen
          2: Eternity
          3: Reckoning

*Ancient Legends                  By: Jayde Scott
          5: Forever and Beyond

Dream Realms Trilogy              By: Sophia Sharp
         1: Shattered
         2: Destined
         3.1: Graced
         3.2: Ascension

*Celestra Series                      By: Addison Moore
         1: Ethereal
         2: Tremble
         3: Burn
         4: Wicked
         5: Vex
         6: Expel

*Fade Series                        By: Kailin Gow
         1: Fade
         2: Falling
         3: Forgotten

*Frost Series                       By: Kailin Gow
          1: Bitter Frost
          2: Forever Frost
          3: Silver Frost
          4: Frost Kisses
          5: Midnight Frost
          6: Frost Fire
          7: Spring Frost

*Wolf Fey Series                    By: Kailin Gow
          1: The Wolf Fey
          2: The Red Wolf

The Book of Faeyore             By: Kailin Gow

The Fairy Letters                   By: Kailin Gow

Free Four                              By: Veronica Roth

*Desire Series                       By: Kailin Gow
         1: Desire
         2: Shattered
         3: Passion
  Companion:  Summer Desire

*Beautiful Beings Series             By: Kailin Gow
         1: Beautiful Beings
         2: Heaven and Hell
         3: Shadow Light

*The Fairy Rose Chronicles        By: Kailin Gow
          1: The Fairy Rose
          2: The Fairy Fair
          3: Pixies vs. Fairies

*PULSE Series                          By: Kailin Gow
         1: Pulse
         2: Life's Blood
         3: Blood Burned
         4: Blue Blood
         5: Blood Bond
         6: Blood Legacy
         7: Blood Rights
  Companion: The Pulse Papers

TOTAL: 53 Titles
So obviously alot of one author this month. Found her through a free book with Amazon and went from there. I really do enjoy Kailin Gow's books. One thing is that they tend to be shorter and very fast paced. While this is appealing especially to reluctant readers, it means that alot of details get glazed over in the process. Don't get me wrong. I still really LOVE the storylines themselves, but sometimes the writing in an effort to be succinct is left wanting.  The Frost series gets a bit repetitive which is annoying but the way the last left off, I'm really hoping the next will be better.  Also, Gow plays very heavily on the heroine's heart being torn between two or more very suitable suitors.  This is a construct in recent young adult literature that can really grate. Yes, it does cause dramatic tension and all that, however, it's very frustrating when they all are these awesome guys. And let's face it, how many girls out there have several guys at the same time all of which are drop dead gorgeous vying for their attention and love at the same time?

Some notes on several other series read this month.

Keary Taylor is an author I've read before. She's very good at making the villain in her story sympathetic which is often left undone in many books. I really enjoyed her series.

Addison Moore's series was also a really fun read. I'm definitely looking forward to the next one in that series as well.

04 September 2012

Let's Try This Again

Seriously sorry for such a hiatus. This summer I played host to my thesis class, which meant one month shorter to research and write such a project as well as the fact that my grandfather is sick and so I had to take a three week break in the middle to deal with family drama. Yes, it made the production of my thesis a stressful and extremely time consuming endeavor. I now appreciate my father working on his dissertation with four children running around as well. The only difference, I had four children running around and no spouse to remove them from the house when the noise became too extreme. However, after all that stress and nearly 400 pages later, I had my Master's thesis complete and graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with my Masters in Library and Information Science. Now, if only I could get a job. . .

As a result of a stressful last two semesters, I have been a complete and utter failure in the upkeep of my reading log. However, I have seriously gotten down to business in the last couple of months. Largely  because I have found some seriously fun reading material in the form of some great E-Book material. Yes, some of it can also be in print, but many of these were originally published in E-format. Now me personally, I love the printed book. One, it doesn't get hot when I read it. Two, I don't have to charge it constantly in order to read all day. Three, a paper book has both the texture and the smell to go along with it. However, in our lovely digital age, digital books cannot be ignored. It is cheaper to publish via digital printing and I really think there are a lot of new authors out there who don't get the chance at paper but do in a digital format. The only major issue I have with digital books is that they really seem to not be edited as well as a print books. There are far more typographical errors in an digital book than in a print book although those are not exempt either. It is annoying but if the author has construct a story that pulls you in enough, I'm able to accept that these books are not edited as well and move on.

**For July and August I'm just going to put up a list of what was read and if you have any questions about any of them, just give me a shout.**

July 2012

**Note: Any E-book listed does not contain page numbers. Titles with * beside them are series that are not yet completed.**

*Warriors of Ankh; By: Samantha Young
1-Blood Will Tell
2-Blood Past
3-Shades of Blood

*Fire Spirits;  By: Samantha Young
1-Smokeless Fire
2-Scorched Skies
3-Borrowed Ember

The Tale of Lunarmorte; By: Samantha Young
1- Moon Spell
2-River Cast
3-Blood Solstice

Drip Drop Tear;  By: Samantha Young

*The Fade;  By: Samantha Young

NOTE--Samantha Young has become a favorite of mine after reading these. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. Also, The Tale of Lunarmorte series, while technically being complete, looks like she may continue with a spin off type series.

The Watchers Trilogy;  By Karice Bolton

Total for the month of July: 14 titles

August 2012

*Midnight Fire;  By: Kaitlyn Davis

*Darkwoods Series;  By: J.A. Redmerski
1-Mayfair Moon
2- Kindred

Cloud Prophet Trilogy;  By: Megg Jensen

The Initiate;  By: Megg Jensen

*The Swarm Trilogy;  By: Megg Jensen

*The Grey Wolf Series; By: Quinn Loftis
1-Prince of Wolves
2-Blood Rites
3-Just One Drop
4-Out of the Dark

*The Arelia LeRue Series; By: Kira Saito

*Ancient Legends; By: Jayde Scott
1-The Job-From Hell
2-Beelzebub Girl
3-Voodoo Kiss
4-Dead and Beyond

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy; By: E.L. James
1-Fifty Shades of Grey (528)
2-Fifty Shades Darker (544)
3-Fifty Shades Freed (592)

*Delirium Series; By: Lauren Oliver
1-Delirium (441)

*Otherworld Trilogy;  By: Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

*The Arotas Trilogy; By: Amy Miles

*Fallen Angels Saga; By: E. Van Lowe
1-Boyfriend from Hell
2-Earth Angel

The Rippler Trilogy; By: Cidney Swanson

Seasons of the Moon; By: S.M. Reine
1-Six Moon Summer
2-All Hallows' Moon
3-Long Night Moon
4-Gray Moon Rising

Total for the month of August: 38 titles

I have to say that I believe August is a personal record for me, one I'm actually hoping to meet or break in September but we shall see what life hands me. I have many opinions on each title, all you have to do is ask, but I will admit keeping up with my habit and discussing each book in detail would take alot away from the actual act of reading and I kind of need that more than anything else right now, so I'm going to ease back into the blogging thing in the hopes that this time it sticks.!! Happy Reading Everyone!

15 March 2012

Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

First off, sorry for the hiatus, but my mind simply could not wrap around blogging for a while. I'm still sloshing through things but at least my motivation is beginning to return.

This series has been on my to read list for quite some time and all I have to say is "thank you so much for not letting me get into this series until now." Or rather, "couldn't I have waited until Rapture comes out in June!!" This series was so wonderful to read, I cannot wait until June.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age: Young Adult  (12 and up)
Author: Lauren Kate
Books:    Fallen   p. 464
               Torment   p. 496
               Passion    p. 462
               Fallen in Love    p.  256

When it comes to paranormal romance one has to be very careful. At least for me as a reader, the romance cannot be crap, mushy, and stupid; it has to be built and it's perfection and tragedy has to be built and balanced with the paranormal. This book was so intriguing because through most of the first book you knew that there was something otherworldly about Luce and Daniel but the author was so good at keeping it out of arms reach. She allowed the time to build the characters and the strangeness of their attraction. Even once you knew what was unusual about both of the characters, she still took the time to show how they could fall in love with one another in this lifetime and the doubt that plagues Luce's character. It's only in understanding themselves that their lives, their souls, and their love can actually go anywhere.

Fallen in Love is a supplement to the series and entails a collection of four short stories about one event in the past that revolves around several of the characters. It allows for some more insight into some of the supplemental characters that enhance Luce and Daniel throughout the series itself.

The final book in the series Rapture hits the stands in June 12, 2012.