02 October 2017

September Reads

Well, since I have been having such a hard time coming up with topics to discuss. I'm inserting my books read list for September. At the beginning of every year, I set a reading goal for myself. This is usually around 500 books in a year. This year, with the move, I fear I may not reach my goal this year, but I sure am trying. All my books this year stick with the Romance genre, more specifically Supernatural Romance. It is most definitely my preferred genre. Most of the books are Adult in nature, although I still read New Adult and Young Adult.  I definitely prefer Shifters to any other Supernatural element, but I will still dip into other Supernatural avenues. I prefer their to be some romance in my books, because there is nothing more important worth fighting for in this world than love.

Let me know if you ever wonder about an author or series. Thanks all!

September 2017


Bears Fur Hire
T.S. Joyce
   1: Husband Fur Hire

   2: Bear Fur Hire

   3: Mate Fur Hire

   4: Wolf Fur Hire

   5: Dawson Fur Hire

   6: Chance Fur Hire

Red Havoc Panthers

   1: Red Havoc Rogue

   2: Red Havoc Rebel

   3: Red Havoc Bad Cat

   4: Red Havoc Guardian

   5: Red Havoc Bad Bear

Sons of Beasts

   1: Son of the Cursed Bear

   2: Son of Kong
   3: Son of the Dragon

*Wolves of Winter’s Edge

   1: Gentry

   2: Roman

   3: Asher

*Winterset Coven

   1: King of the Asheville Coven

   2: Second of the Winterset Coven

Baby It’s Cold Out Bear

*Fire & Rescue Shifters
Zoe Chant
   1: Firefighter Dragon

   2: Firefighter Pegasus

   3: Firefighter Griffin

   4: Firefighter Sea Dragon

   5: The Master Shark’s Mate

*Shifting Sands Resort

   1: Tropical Tiger Spy

   2: Tropical Wounded Wolf

   3: Tropical Bartending Bear

Gray’s Hollow Dragon Shifters

   1: The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Mate

   2: Beauty and the Billionaire Dragon Shifter

   3: The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Christmas

   4: Choosing the Billionaire Dragon Shifters

   5: The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Baby

   6: The Billionaire Dragon Shifter Meets His Match

Honey for the Billionbear

   1: Honey for the Billionbear

   2: Guarding His Honey

   3: The Bear and His Honey

Bears of Pinerock County

   1: Sheriff Bear

   2: Bad Boy Biker Bear

   3: Alpha Rancher Bear

   4: Mountain Guardian Bear

   5: Hired Bear

Enforcer Bears

   1: Bear Cop

   2. Hunter Bear

   3: Wedding Bear

   4: Fighter Bear

*Ranch Romeos

   1: Bear West

   2: The Billionaire Wolf Needs a Wife

*Protection, Inc

   1: Bodyguard Bear

   2: Defender Dragon

   3: Protector Panther

   4: Warrior Wolf

*Glacier Snow Leopards

   1: The Snow Leopard’s Mate

   2: The Snow Leopard’s Baby

   3: The Snow Leopard’s Home

   4: The Snow Leopard’s Heart

   5: The Snow Leopard’s Pack

Bearing Your Soul

The Easter Bunny’s Bear

*Rowland Lions

   1: Lion’s Hunt

   2: Lion’s Mate

*Cedar Hill Lions

   1: Lawman Lion

   2: Guardian Lion

   3: Rancher Lion

   4: Second Chance Lion

Her Jaguar’s Temptation

*Salem Creek Shifters

   1: Hero Bear

Hollywood Shifters

   1: Hollywood Bear

   2: Hollywood Dragon

   3: Hollywood Tiger

   4: Hollywood Christmas

*Shifters of Coral Beach

   1: The Jaguar’s Beach Bride

Mated to the Storm Dragon

*Shifter Suspense

   1: Panther’s Promise

   2: Lion’s Betrayal

Books Read in September 2017

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