13 November 2017

October Reads

October 2017


Alpha Bear Detective
Zoe Chant

Alpha Lion

The Bear Comes Home for Christmas

Bear Down

Bear Mechanic

The Bear with No Name

The Bear’s Christmas Bride

Bearly There

The Billionaire Jaguar’s Curvy Journalist

The Billionbear’s Bride

Bought by the Billionbear

The Christmas Dragon’s Mate

Country Star Bear

The Dragon Billionaire’s Secret Mate

The Griffin’s Mate

The Hawk and Her LumBEARjack

Healing Her Wolf

Bear with Me

Bear Watching

In the Billionbear’s Den

Joining the Jaguar

Kodiak Moment

Loved by the Lion

A Pair of Bear

Private Eye Bear’s Mate

Pursued by the Puma

*Shifter Kingdom

   1: Royal Guard

Six Pack Ranch
Vivian Arend
   1: Rocky Mountain Heat

   2: Rocky Mountain Haven

   3: Rocky Mountain Desire

   4: Rocky Mountain Angel

   4.1: Making Memories

   5: Rocky Mountain Rebel

   5.1: Never Too Far

   6: Rocky Mountain Freedom

   6.1: Home Building

   6.2: Rubber Boot Romance

   7: Rocky Mountain Romance

   8: Rocky Retreat

   9: Rocky Mountain Shelter

   9.1: Lights & Secrets

   10: Rocky Mountain Devil

   11: Rocky Mountain Home

Thompson & Sons

   1: Ride Baby Ride

   2: Rocky Ride

   3: One Sexy Ride

   4: Let It Ride

   5: A Wild Ride

Granite Lake Wolves

   1: Wolf Sign

   2: Wolf Flight

   3: Wolf Games

   4: Wolf Tracks

   5: Wolf Line

   6: Wolf Nip

Takhini Wolves

   1: Black Gold

   2: Silver Mine

   3: Diamond Dust

   4: Moon Shine

Takhini Shifters

   1: Copper King

   2: Laird Wolf

   3: A Lady’s Heart

Pier 70
Nicole Edwards
   1: Reckless

   2: Fearless

   3: Speechless

   4: Harmless

Caine Cousins

   1: Hard to Hold

   2: Hard to Handle

*Alien Huntress
Gena Showalter
   1: Awaken Me Darkly

   2: Enslave Me Sweetly

Books Read in October 2017

Books Read in 2017