15 March 2012

Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

First off, sorry for the hiatus, but my mind simply could not wrap around blogging for a while. I'm still sloshing through things but at least my motivation is beginning to return.

This series has been on my to read list for quite some time and all I have to say is "thank you so much for not letting me get into this series until now." Or rather, "couldn't I have waited until Rapture comes out in June!!" This series was so wonderful to read, I cannot wait until June.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age: Young Adult  (12 and up)
Author: Lauren Kate
Books:    Fallen   p. 464
               Torment   p. 496
               Passion    p. 462
               Fallen in Love    p.  256

When it comes to paranormal romance one has to be very careful. At least for me as a reader, the romance cannot be crap, mushy, and stupid; it has to be built and it's perfection and tragedy has to be built and balanced with the paranormal. This book was so intriguing because through most of the first book you knew that there was something otherworldly about Luce and Daniel but the author was so good at keeping it out of arms reach. She allowed the time to build the characters and the strangeness of their attraction. Even once you knew what was unusual about both of the characters, she still took the time to show how they could fall in love with one another in this lifetime and the doubt that plagues Luce's character. It's only in understanding themselves that their lives, their souls, and their love can actually go anywhere.

Fallen in Love is a supplement to the series and entails a collection of four short stories about one event in the past that revolves around several of the characters. It allows for some more insight into some of the supplemental characters that enhance Luce and Daniel throughout the series itself.

The final book in the series Rapture hits the stands in June 12, 2012.

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