14 January 2011


Book 2 in Need Series

I keep forgetting to warn people!!!  These are not just reviews, in fact they are mostly summaries of the book, because I don't believe in telling someone else they should read something.  So in warning--SPOILER ALERT!!

Bedford, Maine is in a state of siege. The snow won't stop and neither will the pixies.  More are coming, trying to claim the territory once held by Zara's father--now encased in a wall of iron around his house with his pixies.  However, Zara starts to question her viewpoint on pixies when she saves Astley's life.  He is nothing that she has experienced before, but can she trust him?  Especially when every time he's near her she turns blue!?  However, Astley is not the only King to show up in Bedford.  The evil Pixie King, Frank, is just about as evil as you can get, and he also wants Zara's Father's territory.  Frank manages to find the house, take down the wall, and kill most of the pixies there, and wound, seriously, Zara's Father.  When Zara and Nick find the house, Frank is waiting.  Nick is mortally wounded, the Valkarie comes for him.  Zara turns to Astley, against everyone else's advice.  She allows Astley to make her his Queen, to become a Pixie, in order to save Nick from Valhalla.  Can Zara retain her humanity?  Can she find and save Nick?  Can she keep everyone else safe?

I love these stories, and although Nick is a great guy and Zara loves him, I just want her and Astley to stay together.  I don't know why, I just do.  I guess we'll see where the story continues to go.  I love Zara's character.  She is every person.  She wants so badly to be good, especially when horrible things keep happening to her.  She just wants to be allowed to be a good person, but how do you do that when people/pixies won't stop trying to kill you and you have to defend yourself?  Zara struggles with her very nature, and always keeps putting one foot in front of the other, even when everything and everyone around her keeps knocking her on her ass.  My only real criticism is that I wish the books were longer, especially since there is such a gap between books in their release.  I need more of the story to hold on to until the next one comes out!!

Genre:  Fantasy
Grade Level: 9-12
Pages: 273

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