11 January 2011

House of Night: Awakened

The 8th Installment in The House of Night Series.

Zoey has returned from the Otherworld, and in Sgaich's kingdom she finds love and peace.  However, in Zoey's world, nothing can stay that peaceful for long.  With Evil getting the upper hand, she must take her battered spirit and body back to Tulsa and stand up against Neferet; Zoey must stand up for Nyx and all that is right in the world.  In the end there is only Love afterall, and that must be worth fighting for.

This is a Vampyre book, so the whole series has generally hooked me in.  Other than some cheesy dialogue, the books are well written.  The story is compelling, and definitely leaves you wondering "oh God, what is going to happen next, and is Zoey FINALLY going to kill that stupid Bitch Neferet, because honestly, after 8 books, I'm really ready for that psycho to die--painfully!!"

Genre: Fantasy
Grade Level:  9-12
Pages: 290

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