02 January 2011

The Dark Tower, Book 1: The Gunslinger

Roland is the last of his kind, a gunslinger, a wanderer.  His search for the man in black.  It is a search through the worst places imaginable.  It's a journey to the limit and a slow creeping out.  He seeks the Tower.

The first book is a wandering.  I've never read Stephen King before, and having the knowledge that this is Lord of the Rings meets The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, makes a lot of sense.  I definitely am left wanting to continue with Roland's story, to see where his feet may wander and if the tower will ever be what he needs it to be.

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Grade Level: Adult
Pages: 322

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Brian Flynn said...

This is my all time favorite series, even beyond Lord of the Rings. Make sure you read "The Stand" before book 4 of the Dark Tower series and "Salem's Lot" before reading book 5 of the Dark Tower series. There are other tie ins but those two are the most important.....especially Salem's Lot.