16 January 2011


Book 3 in the Need Series


Zara has turned.  Bad Pixies plague the town.  Kids are disappearing.  The whole town is sieged by loss, snow, media, and police.  All Zara wants is to rescue Nick from Valhalla.  As clues and leads come to light, Astley and Zara fly the world over to follow those leads, and all they lead to is more loss, more death.  In Iceland, her Father (the Pixie King) sacrifices himself to save her.  In finding Astley's mother, more deceit, more heartache.  Mrs. Nix also sacrifices her life in the pursuit of rescuing Nick.  With all this loss and death at every turn, is Zara being selfish in pursuing Nick in Valhalla?  Will she even be successful in reaching the home of the Gods?  And once there, can she make Nick see that she is still Zara and not hate her for being a Pixie? 

This is a very compelling read, and I found myself propelled from page to page.  I literally didn't want to go to sleep at night with wanting to read it.  And I don't care how true Zara and Nick's love is, I so want her to be with Astley.  I guess in reading this book, I finally sort of understand the whole Edward vs. Jacob crap that swirls around Twilight.  Now, let's see how long before another book comes out.  I sure hope it's faster than this last time, and that book better go over 300 pages!!!

Genre:  Fantasy
Grade Level: 9-12
Pages:  266

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