05 January 2011

To Be a Librarian

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This is more something a Librarian should be, and not only a Librarian I may say but an English Teacher as well.  I say that because I have noticed all too often that there are teachers of Literature and English in my own children's schools that don't like to read.  How do you pursue such a profession and not like to read?  How can you be a Librarian and not like to read??  I'm sorry but it is utterly impossible to be truly successful in either profession if you don't even like the objects you are trying to preserve or teach.  A Librarian is also a teacher of books.  In every Library on any given day, someone is going to ask, anything new?  Anything good?  There is no better way to teach than by example.  I love when a kid comes to check out a book and I can look at them and say, "now that's a good one!!"  I always have a book with me.  If you see me without one, then you know something is seriously wrong.  My husband has even told me I read too much, although, personally, I don't even think that is possible.  There is a book out there for everyone, and if someone claims they don't like to read, they've simply never found the right book.  In order to truly inspire the next generation in reading, we do not need to throw "good" books at them, we need to read ourselves.  Our example speaks more in this arena than in almost every other.  A Librarian has a responsibility to stand as an example.  How else is anyone to value what we stand guardian over?

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Wammack Family said...

I have to agree strongly with this. I have a real problem with teachers that don't like what they teach, especially when they tell the kids that. We work very hard as parents to get our kids interested in things, and a teacher can ruin by what they say.