29 December 2010

Arch Enemy

The final book in The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy.

The Heart Crystal is slow to repair itself in the aftermath of WILMA's destruction.  Arch, king of Borderland, sees this as the perfect opportunity to place a King on Wonderland's throne rather than some silly female.  With the House of Clubs fighting against Alyss, she is assaulted on all sides, and without her imagination she must resort to desperate measures.  First being locked up in one of the imagination coops of the Club family, to escape, to making an alliance with Redd, Alyss must cross boundaries and learn to trust herself.  Even when she finds herself stranded on Earth, with the help of faith, love, and trust, Alyss will rise and release the Everqueen.

Genre: Fantasy
Grade Level: 7-12
Pages: 370

This series has really brought to life a classic.  A powerful story of the power of imagination, whether for good or ill, imagination and the life it brings to all of us is worth fighting for!

More Art From the Books:
Bibwit, Alyss's tutor (and according to the books, Lewis Carroll's inspiration for the White Rabbit)

The Blue Caterpillar, the Oracles of Wonderland.  Oracles come in a multitude of colors in the book, but Blue is the one that appears to Alyss.
Spade Soldier

Diamond Soldier

Heart Soldier

Club Soldier
Dodge Anders, the love of Alyss Heart's life

Millinery, training center for Wonderland's elite bodygaurd/soldier force.  Where Hatter Madigen learned his skills.

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