27 December 2010

Seeing Redd

Seeing Redd is the second book in the Looking Glass Trilogy.

It has only been a couple of months since Alyss's nasty Aunt threw herself into the Heart Crystal.  Through the imagination of an artist on "earth", she has been reborn into reality and is determined to return to Wonderland and take back what she believes was taken from her.  She meets many exWonderlanders in the real world, people displaced and determined to follow the wicked queen.  Her assault on Wonderland is fast and destructive.  Alyss must court loss to ensure what victory can be achieved when Redd is in your world.

Genre: Fantasy
Grade Level: 7-12

Alyss and Dodge run through the Everlasting Forest

The Cat.  Nine lives in which to kill all he can and do Redd's bidding.

Redd Heart.  She makes that "bloody Red Queen" look like a creme puff.

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