12 December 2010

The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero, Book 1

From the author of Percy Jackson!!

Percy Jackson is missing. . .
Jason wakes up on a bus, holding hands with a lovely girl, and absolutely no idea who he is.  Leo and Piper say they are his best friends. They arrive at the Grand Canyon with the class, only to be attacked by storm spirits.  Rescue comes, and off to Campy Half-Blood they go.  Jason feels nothing but anxiety.  Who is he? Where did he come from?  Why does he think in Roman instead of Greek?  Why does Chiron claim he should be dead?  The Camp learns that a greater evil is stirring, Gaea.  Hera/Juno has been captured and her essence is being used to give rise again to the giant king, Porphyrion.  The GREAT prophecy is beginning, and seven must unite.  Three are found in Jason, Piper, and Leo and together they go on a quest to rescue Hera.  Jason is a bridge and Piper the key to the other four. . .

Looking forward to this series continuing!!

Genre:  Mythology Fantasy
Grade Level: 4-9
Pages: 557

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Wammack Family said...

I too loved this book and cannot wait to see the series continue!