22 December 2010

The Looking Glass Wars

 Book 1 in The Looking Glass Wars Series.

In Wonderland imagination becomes reality.  For 7 year old Alyss, imagining is like breathing.  Then her wicked Aunt Redd storms the castle, killing her mother, and forcing Alyss to flee Wonderland for the world up above.  In Oxford, England, imagination is poison.  The world soon stamps it out of Alyss, and the only way to live, is to imagine it all away.  That is until her Aunt Redd comes for her again.  Forced back into Wonderland, Alyss must rediscover the girl she was, and find the confidence to imagine a better world for Wonderland.

Artfully written.  It's a wonderful addition to a time old classic.

Genre: Fantasy
Grade Level: 5-9
Pages: 358

Some more visuals from the book.

Redd's Card Soldiers

Hatter Madigan--Think Mad Hatter with a whole lot of knives.

Queen Alyss Heart, all grown up.

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