26 October 2010

Green Dragon Codex

So I had to hop into the series (this  being book 5) because I had to have this particular book read by tonight for my Children's Lit class.  I was so hoping to be able to read the whole series up to this book before tonight, but with everything else we had to read, it was a no go.  Thankfully, although a series, these stories are pretty stand on their own.  However, as I have read the first two in the series (I finished number 2 tonight), I have found it's nice to read them in series, in that you learn things about each color dragon that helps to enhance each story.  They work best altogether.

Well--for this particular book--
Scamp is the scrawny always gets into trouble, why won't my big brother help me, man I need to get out of this little town and have a great adventure, kid.  One day while hiding from some serious bullies, he has a dragon fall out of the sky.  When the mess clears, there is a chest.  The chest leads to his quest at last.  Within the chest an egg.  An egg that becomes a Green dragon wyrmling.  This young dragon and Scamp are wonderful mirrors of one another, and it is through their belief and love of one another that they both become more than what everyone else always "knew" they would be.

Genre-Fantasy: Dragons.

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