20 October 2010

Bridge to Terabithia

This is one of those books that I read as a child, then again as an adult (right about the time the movie came out), and then now for class.  I love the book, but it's a story that rips my heart to shreds.  I cannot read it over and over again because it makes me cry each and every time.  Some books I can numb myself too, like when Dumbledore dies.  After the tenth time, I'm sad but I no longer cry.  However, there is something about a young child so very full of like who leaves this world doing something so very ordinary that just breaks me.  Now it's even worse, since I have children of my own.  You read this and then don't want your kids to ever leave your site.  It simply hurts too much to be the one left behind, which is ultimately what Jesse Aarons realizes.  Leslie will live forever, in the trees of Terabithia, in his mind, but to be left behind is the true tragedy of death.

Age level claims to be 10 and up and although if we are talking purely on length and vocabulary, that is about right.  However, the emotionality of this book should always be considered when handing it to your child.

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