23 October 2010

Along Came Spider

Along Came Spider, by James Preller.

Trey is "special" but to a bunch of fifth graders he's just plain weird.  Actually Trey is most likely autistic.  Spider has been his neighbor and friend since infancy, but it's hard to be accepted when you are friends with the weird kid.  Trey  must learn to make new friends and to accept Spider for how he is, just as Spider must learn that friendship runs far deeper than what the "cool" kids think. 

I think we have all run along Trey at some point in our lives, perhaps we are even raising him.  I am so saddened by how kids treat other kids.  I don't believe we are born with these prejudices in us, and I cringe to think about the things that go on at school.  I remember very well how horrible other people can be.  I just hope that we all can remember that it doesn't matter how we are different, each us brings flavor to life.

Grade Level--2 to 5th Grade.


Jennifer Kirby said...

I need to have my kids read this one it sounds like a great read!

Ruth said...

It was good and simple. Definitely would work for John or Sam to read.