02 November 2010

Of Numbers and Stars: The Story of Hypatia

Hypatia was an extraordinary woman.  Born in ancient Alexandria, as a woman in a normal family she would have never even learned to read and write, but born to a man, an academic, like Theon she would grow into a woman who would change her world.  Her father believed that women should be educated just as men.  Hypatia became extremely learned in all disciplines, but mainly followed the same path as her father as a mathematician and philosopher. 

This is a short account of her life, done in picture book format, so it is not an extensive biography.  However, it is a great introduction for children to the life of this extraordinary woman.  The author provides her sources at the end of the book for adults. 

Genre: Biography-Juvenile Literature-Ancient Greece
Grade Level: 1-3
Pages: 32

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