01 November 2010

October 2010 Books

This is something I've kept a running list of on my private blog, and if you are interested, I can supplant those entries, but that would be quite the list!!  So, since I'm starting this blog, we'll start with this months list.  Short explanation--this year my goal has been to read at least 40,000 pages by the end of the year.  Here's this month's list.

Red Dragon Codex --  244
Bronze Dragon Codex  --  241
Black Dragon Codex  --  239
Brass Dragon Codex  --  240
Green Dragon Codex  --  246
     Author: R.D. Henham

The Scorch Trials  --  360
    Author: James Dashner

Guardians of Ga'Hoole:
  The Hatchling  --  221
  The Outcast  --  207
  The First Collier  --  179
  The Coming of Hoole  --  210
  To Be a King  --  206
  The Golden Tree  --  192
  The River of Wind  --  202
  Exile  --  207
  The War of the Ember  --  231
     Author: Kathryn Lasky

Willow  --  32
     Author: Denise Brennan Nelson

For the Love of Autumn  --  36
     Author: Patricia Polacco

Faces of the Moon  --  32
     Author: Bob Crelin

Listen to the Wind: the Story of Dr. Greg and Three Cups of Tea  --  32
      Author: Greg Morenson

The Magician's Boy  --  101
     Author: Susan Cooper

Honestly, Mallory!  --  159
     Author: Laurie Friedman

Bridge to Terabithia  --  163
     Author: Katherine Paterson

Island of the Blue Dolphins  --  181
     Author: Scott O'Dell

Seer of Shadows  --  202
     Author: Avi

The Magic Half  --  211
     Author: Annie Barrows

Along Came a Spider  --  131
     Author: James Preller

The Daughter of Time  --  206
      Author: Josephine Tey

Total for October 2010  --  4,905
Total for 2010  --  40,990

**And YES!!!! I made my goal and it's only the end of October!!! Let's see what the rest of the year may bring!! 

**If you have any questions about anything I've read, just let me know!!

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Chelsea said...

I havn't read all the books on your blog but am reading a Short Story Fantasy Book by Meredith Ann Pierce I am really enjoying. It is called Waters Luminous and Deep. My favourite stories in it so far are Icerose and Raffidilee. I also enjoyed this book called an eight cow woman deserves and eight cow man by Tracy Lyn Cutler. It's not fantasy- but I really liked it. Chelsea