22 November 2010

Green Rider

Karigan G'ladheon is running away from school, heading home in the hopes of beating that letter of suspension home to her father.  Along the way, a Green Rider crosses her path.  Fryan Cobblebay is impaled with two black arrows, a message worth his life still to deliver.  Karigan, without thought, agrees to carry on his mission--afterall, who can deny the dying?  This one decision leads Karigan along a path she never dreamed of.  She must find the strength within herself to fight everything in her path.  Can she get the message to the king in time?  Will she make the right choices and rise to be The Green Rider?

This is a coming of age book in alot of ways.  You have a young girl whose spirit never allows her to rest.  She fights for the "weak" against nobility at school, which leads to expulsion and her consequent journeys.  Through it all she denies that she is a green rider, but her will to do all she can to fulfill her promises brand her as one.  Karigan must truly find within herself what she is made of and in the end choose the path her life will take.

Genre: Fantasy
Grade Level: 7-12
Pages: 450

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