08 November 2010

The Last Apprentice: Rise of the Huntress, Book 7

Book 7 in The Last Apprentice Series.

The county is under attack, Bonny Lizzie has escaped the Spook's prison, the Spook's home and library have been obliterated by enemy soldiers.  The Spook and his apprentice, Tom Ward, and Alice must flee the county.  They take refuge on the island of Mona, but peace doesn't last for long.  Locals despise refugees and a Spook, his apprentice, and a witch are far from welcome.  Soon Bonny Lizzy emerges on the island as well.  She takes over Greeba Keep and begins to terrorize and kill in order to gain ultimate power.  Will the Spook and his apprentice be able to defeat the mighty Lizzy?  Will the power she has and that which she finds, finally put an end to the Spook?  Find out in the latest installment of the Last Apprentice.

Genre:  Supernatural Fiction
Grade Level: 3-7
Pages: 436

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