19 May 2011

The Tide Lord's Quartet: The Immortal Prince, Book 1

Title: The Tide Lords Quartet: The Immortal Prince, Book 1
Author: Jennifer Fallon
Genre: Fantasy
Grade Level: Adult
Pages: 493

Arkady Desean is the Duchess of Lebec. An intelligent woman who married to save her father's life and who tries to live a good life regardless of the world around her and their ideas about women. When a man sentenced to die, just won't oblige, Arkady is asked to interview him to prove he's either a con man, a spy, or just plain crazy, because of course, his claims that he is in fact Cayal, the Immortal Prince--an immortal Tide Lord--just cannot be true. Afterall, the Tide Lords are merely myth.

I personally love Fallon's books and so far she hasn't disappointed me. This is an adult fantasy book, in that their are some sexual scenes.  The book reads so fast and I love that I finally have all four in hand so that I can read the whole series as one. Fallon has a real talent of interweaving both Arkady's story and Cayal's. The book really is a tapestry woven by two different stories, and each draws you in on different levels. You find yourself both hating and rooting for Cayal, at least I do. I both hope he can find a way to kill himself without taking the world with him but I also hope he can find redemption and a reason to live with Arkady. The love relationships are so well done, you feel yourself rooting for so many different people and also hating others. There are very few authors that can write characters that are so real you want to jump into the story and strangle them yourself, but Fallon is definitely that kind of author.

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