11 May 2011

The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

Since the second installment just came out and I hadn't read the first one since it first came out, these two were read together and herein reviewed together.
 Title: The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid, Book 1
Author: Rick Riordan
Genre: Fantasy, Egyptian Mythology
Grade Level: 5-12
Pages: 516

Carter and Sadie Kane are brother and sister with an ancient past. Kept apart for the last 6 years in order to keep down their ancient power. But Ma'at has been slowly eroding and their father in an attempt to restore balance, tries to release Osiris from the Rosetta Stone. When the stone explodes, 5 Gods are released. Osiris enters Sadie and Carter's father and is immediately entombed by his evil brother Set. Unbeknown to Sadie and Carter at first, they too become hosts to two Gods, Horus and Isis. Together they must find the path of the Gods, learn to both harness their powers and control the Gods within, try not to be killed by a bunch of magicians who believe the Gods are evil, save their father, defeat Set, and save the world. 

Title: The Kane Chronicles: The Throne of Fire, Book 2
Author: Rick Riordan
Genre: Fantasy, Egyptian Mythology
Grade Level: 5-12
Pages: 452

Apophis is rising and in order to stop him, Sadie and Carter must find all the pieces to the Book of Ra and awaken the decrepit King of the Gods. Sounds easy. But this is the Kane family we are talking about, and nothing with them is ever easy. They must find the book, fight evil magicians, fight other Gods who wish to thwart them, travel the underworld, gamble their souls, find and restore Ra, and stop Apophis. Thing is, one cannot bring forth the God of Order without also freeing the God of Chaos. Can the Kane's find the answers they are looking for? Can they save their family from the wrath of the Gods? Can they save themselves?

The Kane siblings are just as compelling as Percy Jackson, and their story is just as much fun. I personally have a major soft spot for ancient mythology so I find the storyline alot of fun. Ancient world brought successfully into the modern world. Two unlikely heroes, must fight the world around them and the world inside them. They must find the strength of the ancient Gods without succumbing to them. I greatly look forward to seeing how this series progresses, but I fear by the time the next book comes out, I'll have to reread them again. Good thing these books are as good the second time around as they are the first. Riordan truly has a talent of merging the ancient with the modern and leaving you wanting to take the journey over and over again.

Sadie and Carter Kane. Yup, they really are brother and sister.

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UK said...

In The Red Pyramid, Rick Riordan maintains the humor and action-packed adventure I enjoyed so much in his Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, this time pairing it with Egyptian mythology instead of Greek. Since I'm rather less familiar with Egyptian mythology, I appreciated being introduced to so many of its gods and goddesses, but though Riordan does a nice job of weaving the mythology into the adventure, the effect is not quite as fresh and interesting as his efforts in the Percy Jackson books. Also, Sadie and Carter Kane's first-person perspectives---shaped by Riordan's distinctive style---sounded just enough like Percy Jackson that it wasn't until the end of the book that I really felt I'd gotten to know them. Still, The Red Pyramid is a fun, clever read, and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.