07 April 2011

Thirst No. 3

The Eternal Dawn: Thirst No. 3 by Christopher Pike
Grade Level: 6-12 (language may be a bit harsh for some younger readers)
Pages: 478

Sita has lived for more than five thousand years.  She is the last vampire. In her loneliness, she reaches out to Teri, who is one of her human descendants.  However, Sita's life is never quiet, and caring about others only ever puts them in severe danger.  Torn between two destructive entities--the Telar and the IIC, Sita will fight for her life, and this time, she very well might loose.

I read Christopher Pike out of nostalgia, not out of any great literary talent.  The story is compelling but there are times when the language itself just doesn't work, I think that's the best way to put it anyway.  The dialog has a tendency to get jerky.  However, I enjoy a vampire story any day and the mix of vampire with Hindi legends makes for a fun story.  There is swearing in the book and some minor sexual innuendos, and as such due to the audience around me, I did place the book in an older age range. This doesn't personally bother me and I would let younger ones read it if they desired.  The actual reading level is more around grade level 3-4.

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