21 April 2011

A Personal Preference

What do you like to read? Why? Has anyone ever told you that what you liked was stupid/juvenile/crap?

I'm sure if you have ever read, someone else has had an opinion about it. I'm here to tell you, no matter what you read, if you enjoy it, then it is worth it!! Every book is the reader's book. You see, even though I really love Twilight and so do a whole lot of my friends, the exact reasons why I like it, are going to be different from everyone else. Why? Because I am different from all my friends. Each of us puts a piece of ourselves into everything we read. What we articulate are the reasons for liking something may be practically identical to our neighbors, but those things you can never quite express, the ones that are so personal that when someone makes fun of something you like, you die a little bit, those are different for everyone. So, here's a novel idea. No matter what your opinion may be, always remember, what we read is highly personal, and every book read is of value to the reader. Instead of judging and making fun, revel in the sharing. You may never agree on what makes a book "good," and by golly that's just fine, after all, I like being me and if you were me too, it just wouldn't be as much fun!

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Burrowing In said...

Great thoughts! I love it!