01 February 2011

January Books

I just realized it's February now and I best post what I read last month.  Crap, this month went fast.  I was doing so well with my reading too, and then my school semester began, and now I've been reading the same "for fun" novel, I've been reading for two weeks.  Now this is a book that would normally take me like two days to finish, so you can imagine how much I have to do and read for Grad school.  I do apologize.  My books read list is going to get pathetic until May when the semester ends.  At that point, I'll post my textbooks, but that won't even cover half of what I have to read when you consider all the articles I have to peruse.  Anyway. . .

Need  306
Captivate  273
Entice  264
     Carrie Jones

Where the Sidewalk Ends  183
    Shel Silverstein

Romeo and Juliet  281
   William Shakespeare

The Giver  179
   Lois Lowry

The End of Faith  227
   Sam Harris

Awakened  290
   P.C. and Kristin Cast

The Demon King  506
   Cinda Williams Chima

Total for January 2011: 2509
Total for 2011: 2509

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