28 February 2011

February Reads 2011

Okay, I admit, this month totally pathetic--at least in the amount read for this particular pursuit.  Not only did I not get much read, I totally forgot to blog about the ones I did, so this may be a bit longer than usual, since I'm going to try to cram it all into one this month.  This might have to be the norm for the rest of the semester, especially since I really should be working on midterm papers right now, but wanted to take the time to catch up.  At the end of the semester, I will talk about every textbook I had to read and what I thought of them.  I won't be including the plethora of journal articles I've had to read too, though, because that is simply too extensive for me to cover here.

The Exiled Queen: Book 2 in The Seven Realms series, by: Cinda Williams Chima

Princess Raisa has escaped to Oden's Ford, and is busy with her studies in the warrior school.  When a chance meeting brings her face to face with Hans Alister, it leads to more complications than either is prepared for.  Raisa falls in love and so does Han, but is their love enough to save or destroy them both?  Chima has a gift for writing a compelling story that really draws you in and leaves you dying for the next book.  I'm so happy I was finally able to get to this one.

Genre: Fantasy
Grade Level: 7-12
Pages: 586

 Blackveil: Book 4 Green Rider by Kristen Britain.

Karigan must enter Blackveil again to save the Sleepers, a massive host of "sleeping" Elitians than unbeknown to the "good guys" have been severely tainted by the evil of Blackveil. Karigan must use her gift to fade back in time to a slot in time preserved by Lauralyn, the ancient Queen of Elitians, in order to save both the sleepers and all of her world.  Britain weaves a dark but compelling tale in this newest installment.  However, again she leaves you with a horrible cliffhanger.  This cliffhanger is the worst I have ever read, and so I would not recommend reading this series until Britain finally does bring it to a close.  The length between her books is just to horrid to start this series until it is actually done!

Genre: Fantasy
Grade Level: 10 and up
Pages: 664

Slathbog's Gold: Book 1 in the Adventurer's Wanted Series by M.L. Forman.

When Alex saw the sign in the bookstore, he wondered if it was some kind of joke.  Going inside to find out, he finds himself swept away on an adventure with 7 companions is strange lands.  On his adventure, he finds great friendship, great knowledge, and more adventure awaiting him at the end.  The story reminds me a little of the Hobbit. There are elves and dwarfs, albeit, alot nicer ones than were found in the Hobbit. The story moves along quickly and leaves you wanting more.

Genre: Fantasy
Grade Level: 5-9
Pages: 385

The Horn of Moran: Book 2 in the Adventurer's Wanted Series by M.L. Forman.

Alex has been in the "real" world for 6 months, honing his magic skills and dying to go on another adventure.  His dreams are haunted by a terrible nightmare, and when the opportunity to go on a "safe" adventure comes, his wizard mentor allows him to go.  His party must find the lost Horn of Moran, an ancient horn lost more than a century before by a foolish prince, in order to save the known lands from major civil war.  Along the way, Alex's skills as a wizard are truly tested, and finding the horn is only the beginning of what lies ahead in Alex's life as an adventurer.

I know that Forman's books are not well known, but I just love them.  They are fast moving but exciting and completely compelling.  I do hope that he will continue with his series, as I personally cannot wait to see what kind of adventures young Alex will go on next.

Genre: Fantasy
Grade Level: 5-9
Pages: 376

Total for February: 2013
Total for 2011: 4522

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