26 March 2011

Just A General Question

My question is this: Do you ever ask the librarian for help? Do you ask them for general help? Do you ask them for help in pursuing some sort of research?  Now, the most important question of all---WHY or WHY NOT?  Please, contribute.  I want to know if my assumptions are correct, but I won't tell you what those are until you let me in on your thoughts.

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Wammack Family said...

I did recently ask the librarian at the kids school for ideas for my daughter. She was able to direct her to some books that she thought she would like. I have found that my kids will often respond better to a suggestion from her than they will from me.

As for myself though, I haven't done so in quite a while. When I was in school and researching things, I usually used the internet. AS for why, I think I just found it easier. Why would I bother someone else when I can do it myself. I hope that helps a bit.