28 March 2011

The Clockwork Angel

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel, Book 1
By: Cassandra Clare (author of The Mortal Instruments Series)
Genre: Supernatural Fiction
Grade Level: 5-10
Pages: 479

Tessa Gray was just a normal 16 year old girl.  Orphaned and sent for by her brother, living in England. Upon arriving in port, Tessa is stolen away be the evil Dark Sisters.  Kept and taught by force to bring out her "talents" just to keep her brother safe.  Tessa is not normal.  Saved by the nephilium from the Dark Sister's lair before they can marry her to the mysterious "Magistar," Tessa is plunged into a world of Angels and Downworlders.  Her gifts are her curses, and love is the most dangerous path of all.  The storyline is a bit too similar to the Mortal Instruments for my liking.  I enjoyed the book because I enjoyed the previous series.  However, although this particular storyline takes place in England in the latter end of the 19th century, the character dynamic is practically parallel.  Now, since this in merely the first book in the series, I am giving the author the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps this is more of a companion to the Mortal Instruments series and how it ties in will become more apparent as the series progress.  I do hope so, otherwise, I would have to say, it's time to come up with another storyline.

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