10 November 2011

WebQuest--Twilight Diary

WebQuest-Twilight Diary

       I.        Basics:

a.    Background information.

Twilight is the beginning of a four part young adult fantasy series. This is an introduction into the young adult paranormal genre. The characters and their actions are vital to any story. Although set in modern times, there are a multitude of characters from different places and different times, and these characters add to the story as a whole, defining them.  Understanding these characters and where they come from is important to understanding the whole book and whether or not the author has been true to the history she has laid the groundwork for.

b.    Purpose and objectives.

In order to understand who these characters are and where they come from, in pairs, you will choose two characters and develop a journal for them. This will be a set of diaries and you will research where they come from in order to help with the entries. At the end, you will present the diaries to the class and will justify your position as to whether or not the author was true to the history these characters supposedly came from.

Age Group: This novel being a young adult work would be best suited for grades 9 and over.

      II.        Activities:

Before starting you must pick a pair:

Bella and Edward

Bella and Jacob

Jasper and Alice

Rosalie and Emmett

Esme and Carlisle

You will be researching each characters background or birth place and time, along with their current setting. While the characters are fictional, their settings are very real places. It is important to write these journal entries with the current setting in mind, use the characters voice in the writing.

You will create both a front and back cover. Inside will include at least 6 images—these can be drawn, printed from the Internet, or taken from magazines.

Each character should have at least 15 journal entries. Each entry should be 1-2 paragraphs long and should be written in the distinct style of the character, reflecting their grammar, style, and by association their education level and unique character traits.

Prepare a short 10 minute presentation on your journals and highlight what makes them important to understanding the characters. During your presentations you will also justify whether or not the book’s portrayal of these characters was in line with the research you conducted on their environments and times.

    III.        The Tour:

The following are a list of websites that will help you in understanding where the characters came from.

Welcome to Forks

The Quileute Nation

Mississippi Encyclopedia

Mississippi Archives

Rochester Historical Society

Encyclopedia.com—New York

Everyday Life in the Stuart Era

Encyclopedia Britannica—London History

Tennessee History for Kids

Tennessee Encyclopedia

Library of Congress Digitized Newspapers (1836-1922)

Ohio History Central

Encyclopedia of Chicago

The City of Chicago

Under the Rebel Flag-Texas and the Civil War

The Texas Calvary

Stephanie Meyer-Twilight


   IV.        Evaluation:









Diary Entries

Entries are incomplete. Less than 15 per character or/and not a full paragraph long.

Entries are the absolute minimum, exhibiting in the work and effort.

Entries are detailed and thorough. The student goes above and beyond instructions.



There are no visuals present.

There are only 4 or 5 visuals.

There are 6 or more visuals.


Internet Research

Did not research the characters at for the diaries.

Collected some information online for the diaries.

Collected all needed information in order to produce a genuine entry.



Did not work with partner. Severely uneven workload.

Worked well with partner, but the workload was still uneven.

Worked well with partner and the work was evenly distributed.



Obviously unrehearsed and lacked cohesive delivery. No justifications present.

Moderately effective but was a little unorganized and needed more rehearsal. Justifications were provided but not backed by research.

Presentation clear, effective, and concise.  Justifications were grounded in research.


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