01 September 2011

Reading Log-August 2011

First off I would like to apologize for the total lack of reviews lately. I have times when I struggle with things and this is just one of those times, lasting a bit longer than I would like but that is just the way of life. Trust me, just remembering to put up my log is hard enough, but I am always up to questions. If you have any about anything I read, no matter in what context--as a reader, a researcher, a teacher, a librarian, and so forth--please, do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for your patience.

Reading Log

The Last Apprentice: Rage of the Fallen, Book 8          400
By: Joseph Delany

A Song of Fire and Ice:
   A Game of Thrones          835
   A Clash of Kings              1009
   A Storm of Swords           1175
   A Feast for Crows             1060

Total for the month of August:  4479
Total for 2011:  26,957

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